Anne Gentle works as a developer experience manager at Cisco in the developer relations program, supporting developers who automate workflows for consistent, repeatable uses of infrastructure. She uses open-source techniques for API design, documentation, dev ops, and developer support.

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About Anne Gentle

Anne Gentle works as a Developer Experience Manager on developer relations at Cisco, working on developer relations and API documentation quality and tutorials. Anne is also an industry-recognized author whose books promote collaboration among developers, writers, and other stakeholders within open source and enterprise communities.

She supports open tools for API design, documentation, and developer support. You can see recordings of her talks on these topics on her Speaker profile page.

Anne wrote the book, Docs Like Code, to share tested tools and techniques with all who want to provide helpful, accurate technical information to the world. Get a copy for yourself at And if you want to learn docs-as-code techniques using hands-on tutorials, read

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